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Scharf Holdings, LLC is a cutting edge provider of custom Microsoft® .NET, ASP.Net, enterprise automation and application design solutions. From UX, Web 2.0, all the way to architecture design and systems’ integration, we can provide your small to mid-sized organization with a top-notch web presence as well as cutting edge productivity systems and solutions for the back office.
Chad is one of the strongest individual contributors I have ever had the privilege to manage. He has amazing technical depth as well as breadth, a strong attention to detail, and the ability to balance effectively the tradeoffs between "doing it right" and "choosing what is expedient in this situation.
Greg Klinkel, Director, Reed Group
Chad is a true expert in C# software development and .NET architecture. He is extremely intelligent and one of the top Software Engineers I have seen in the industry. In addition to his technical skills, he is also very personable and works very well within a team environment. I highly recommend Chad Scharf
Todd DeMarco, Former Client
Chad is a truly gifted developer. He is knowledgeable, thorough, quick, and organized. He also is well received by the business units, as well as his IT teammates. Chad has been truly instrumental in the success of the IT organization at HBW. He is also a pleasure to manage... unassuming, driven, well liked, and with a good work ethic. All the things that make up a true ‘rockstar’.
Bart Waress, Director of IT, Home Buyers Warranty
Chad is an amazing developer and leader. As the senior software engineer he designed all the architecture for our projects and was always the go to resource for the other developers on staff. His designs always produced outstanding applications that significantly improved user productivity...
Bob Layburn (CSM)
On a number of web centric projects, that always seemed frantic, demanding and full of technical issues, Chad’s technical depth and tenacity in troubleshooting proved key to the project's success... He is adept at picking up and applying new technology and brings a mature perspective to software engineering. He has always been open, honest, and has a high level of integrity...
Bill Dolce, Home Buyers Warranty & Reed Group